Friday, 31 August 2018

Easy Solutions For Better IBM Domino Administration

As indicated in yesterday's blog post, one of the big advantages  that I have my daily Notes Development tasks and Domino Administration tasks is that I have access to some very powerful tools in the Ytria EZSuite. To update and expand the knowledge of these tools, the second Ytria University 101 class was held yesterday, Ytria Administration Tools 101. The following topics were discussed in this webinar.
  • aclEZ: Manage your ACLs. 
  • databaseEZ: Introduction and hands-on best practices. 
  • agentEZ: Mastering agent management. 
  • consoleEZ: Working with your consoles, logs, and more. 
  • scanEZ: Analyzing and working with your documents like never before. 
  • replicationEZ: Discovering, understanding and resolving replication problems. 
In case you missed this webinar below a recording of the webinar Ytria Administration Tools 101.

Get back to basics with this session on how to use Ytria's EZ Suite tools for IBM Domino administration. Better manage your ACLs with aclEZ. Learn some best practices for handling database properties on a large scale with databaseEZ. Master agent management with agentEZ. Work with consoles, logs, and more using consoleEZ. Analyze and with documents in unique, powerful ways with scanEZ. And discover, understand, and resolve replication problems using replicationEZ.

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