Friday, 7 September 2018

Quick IBM Domino Tip: Instantly Deploy Domino Mail Policy

Some days ago I was asked to deploy a change in the mail applications of all users. Specifically this involved a change in the day and times regarding the availability for meetings in the Calendar Scheduling. One of the powerful options available in Domino are the Policies in which settings for all users can be centrally arranged and controlled. In this case the current settings were centrally set as follows for all users in the organization by a Mail Policy.

For all days and times in the Calendar Scheduling a change had to be made to the value 00:00 - 23:55 where also the new settings could no longer be changed by the users. Finally, the change had to be implemented immediately in all mail databases.
The solution in this case was to change the setting in the Mail Policy document.
In the Domino Administrator I opened the current Mail Policy document. If there is no Mail Policy document available you can create a new Mail Policy document.
Next I changed the values in the Tab Scheduling and set added in the Field How to apply this setting the value 'Set value and prevent changes'.

Remark: For the Field 'How to apply this setting' you can set the following options.
  • Don't set value -- If you select this option, no value is specified for the setting but the end-user can specify a value. When you assign this setting to a field in a policy settings document, you cannot modify the field value but the end-user can. If the end-user specifies a value for a field with this setting, that value is saved. For fields where there is a check box, if you leave this option unchecked, any value in the corresponding field is used by the policy.
  • Set initial value -- You specify a default value for the field but the end-user has the option of changing this value. The setting will be set to this value once. If the end-user then specifies a value for a field with this setting, that value is saved and not overwritten by the value in the policy.
  • Set value whenever modified -- When you choose this option for a field, all of the policy settings are set to the values that you most recently specified. Values that are specified by end-users are overwritten by values specified in the policy whenever the policy is applied. Be default the policy is applied every 12 hours. The user can change their settings, but they will always be overwritten by the settings in the policy.
  • Set value and prevent changes -- You specify the value for the field and that value is saved in the policy and cannot be modified by end-users.
After saving the new settings the next step was to deploy the new Mail Policy setting instantly to all users. It generally takes a few hours for a mail policy change to take effect. I used the following console command to apply all mail policy settings instantly: Tell adminp process mail policy.
Regarding the error handling when deploying policies more in my next blog post about policies in general.

The setting in all mail files after executing the console command results in the desired changes. the times have changed with the times in the mail policy and the users are unable to change these settings.

For more information see also Understanding the How to Apply setting for a policy.

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