Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Quick IBM Notes Tip: Programmatically Replace or Refresh Design of Local Databases

After upgrading our Domino Server and Clients to Feature Pack 9 we started the upgrade of the Mail Databases and the Personal Address Books to the new templates supplied with Feature Pack 9. For the upgrade of the Personal Address Books (pernames.nsf) we have chosen for using the LotusScript Shell command to call nconvert.exe. Initially we distributed the new template, pernames.ntf, to all users through our own file distribution system. Secondly, in our Security Settings Policy, we selected the option 'Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs' for all users and deployed the Policy to all users.

This option in the Security Settings Policy prevents the request for a password during the final upgrade of the Personal Address Book when Notes is running.
For the upgrade of the Personal Addess Book databases we created an E-mail for all users with an Action Button with the LotusScript Shell command.

Through the action button the convert program is called, which reads the notes.ini file and retrieves the ID value form the KeyFileName entry. The convert program runs under the authority of that ID.
The user will be prompted to enter the password for that ID before the task continues if Notes is not running or Notes is running and the "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs" option is not selected in the User Security preferences or Security Settings Policy. Based on the settings in the Security Setting Policy the user will not be prompted for a password. If the option is NOT selected the screen below will appear for entering the password.

After the user select the Action Button in the E-Mail the upgrade will be executed and the new template is added in the Personal Address Book.

Another option is to use the formula @Command DesignReplace in an Action Button in an E-Mail send to all users. The following @Commands can be used to open the local database and open the Replace Design dialog box:
@Command ([FileOpenDatabase]; "": "names.nsf"; ""; ""; ""; "");
@Command ([DesignReplace])
We have not chosen this method since the user self has to choose the corresponding template in the Design Replace Dialog Box.

For more information see also the IBM Technote Switches and options that can be used when running Convert command. If someone has followed another procedure for upgrading the local Personal Address Book, I would like to hear this.

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