Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Road to Domino 10: Enabling NIFNSF

NIFNSF has been introduced in Feature Pack 8. At that time we did not use this new feature as there were some performance issues. These problems are solved. After the upgrade to Domino 9.0.1. Feature Pack 9 we have enabled NIFNSF on our Domino Server. For several Notes databases, including all mail databases, we have enabled NIFNSF. NIFNSF offers the possibility to separate the view and folder index into a separate NDX file. Major advantages of enabling NIFNSF are significantly better database performance and a reduction of backup storage as well as a faster backup. Below is a brief description of how NIFNSF can be enabled.
There are two requirements before NIFNSF can be enabled on the Domino Server. Initially, the Transactional Logging must be enabled on the Domino Server in the Server document. Secondly, the ODS of the Notes database should be 52 (recommend) or at least ODS 51. For more information about upgrading the ODS, see my previous blog posts Upgrade ODS Notes Client Local Databases and Upgrade ODS on Notes Databases, Templates And Mail.Box Files.

Enabling NIFSNSF on the Domino Server
To enable NIFNSF on the Domino Server a number of NOTES.INI settings should be added in the Configuration document.
The first, and also the most important setting, is NIFNSFEnable = 1 which ensures that NIFNSF is enabled on the Domino server.
The NDX files are stored in the Domino Data Directory by default. To specify a different location the setting NIFBasePath = path can be used.
If NIFNSF should be enabled automatically for all new Notes databases the setting CREATE_NIFNSF_DATABASES = 1 can be used which will ensure that all new databases are automatically NIFNSF enabled.

Enabling NIFSNSF on a Database
For enabling NIFNSF on a Notes Database the normal recommendation is to use:
compact -c -NIFNSF ON database.nsf
If the Notes database is on ODS 51 or higher and NIFNSF is enabled on the Domino Server new indexes are created in the corresponding NDX files.
Remark: Only the copy-style compact will move the views to the NDX file. If the database is in use the copy-style compact will not be executed.

The NDX file has been created in teh directory specified in de NOTES.INI setting NIFBasePath = path or in de Domino Data Directory by default.

To disable NIFNSF on a database use also a compact -c with the option OFF.
compact -c -NIFNSF OFF database.nsf

Show all NIFNSF Enabled Databases
To show all NIFNSF enabled databases only on the Domino Server (NIFNSF state ON) use te following server console command:
show dir -nifnsfonly

For more information see the IBM Note Moving views out of databases and the blog post Current Information about NIFNSF by Daniel Nashed and the IBM Note Updall switches, Update and NIF - Notes indexing basics.

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