Monday, 17 September 2018

The Road to Domino 10: Keep Your Critical Views Up To Date Using Inline View Indexing - Introduction

In my previous blog posts, Upgrade ODS on Notes Databases, Templates And Mail.Box Files and Upgrade ODS Notes Client Local Databases, I described how to update the ODS of databases, templates and files after upgrading to Domino Feature Pack 9. Another great new feature in Domino Feature Pack 9 is Inline View Indexing. A view index is an internal filing system that is used to build the list of documents to display in a database view or folder. By default, view indexes are updated on a server at scheduled intervals. To update a view index immediately after documents change instead, you can enable inline view indexing. With the new feature inline view indexing it is very easy to keep all critical views in your Notes applications up-to-date for your users.
In this introduction a short description how to enable this new feature for your Notes databases. Basically there a two options for enabling inline view indexes for your Notes databases.

Enabling inline view indexing with the Updall task
You can enable inline view indexing with the Updall task which updates the $Index view design element. With this method, inline view indexing is enabled automatically in replicas of a database. In addition, if you enable inline view indexing in a design template, the inline view indexing is enabled automatically in databases that inherit their design from the template.
Use the following command to use the Updall task to enable inline view indexing for a database. To enable inline view indexing for all views in a database, omit the view and-T argument.
Inline indexing is enabled as a view is opened.

load updall database -T view -inline on (for a specific view in a database)

load updall database -inline on (for all views in a database)

Enabling inline view indexing with INLINE_VIEW_INDEX setting
You can enable inline view indexing with the NOTES.INI setting INLINE_VIEW_INDEX. With this method, you specify a list of databases on a server to enable for inline view indexing. Unlike the Updall method, this method does not update the $Index view design element in databases and so does not propagate view indexing through replication and design inheritance.
Use the Configuration Document in the Domino Directory to Add the new NOTES.INI Parameter.
A server restart is not necessary. Inline view indexing is enabled as views are opened.

In the next blog post more detailed information about enabling inline view indexing, setting index expiration for inline view indexes, using console commands to manage inline view indexing, showing inline indexing statistics and disabling inline view indexing.

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