Sunday, 7 October 2018

A New Chapter Begins - Domino 10

During the past period I had the privilige to participate in the Domino 10 Beta 1 and Domino 10 Beta test tracks. For this I am very grateful because our organization runs entirely on own developed Notes applications and for us it is therefore extremely important to be able to thoroughly test new upcoming releases, developments and also to keep all functionalities up-to-date. During the test phase of both Domino 10 Beta 1 and Domino 10 Beta 2 I was very impressed by the stability of these beta versions, the new functionalities in Domino 10 and Notes 10 and of course the existing functionalities especially after the somewhat difficult Feature Pack 10 release. As everyone in the Notes Domino community knows Domino 10 will be released this week. A few more days to go and a completely new chapter starts with Domino 10. It has been a great experience and the future of IBM Domino and IBM Notes is certainly more than great again.

We are ready for Domino 10 and we will take this version as soon as possible into production.

A lot has been written about Domino 10 and the new functionalities within Domino 10 during the past period. Below a number of recommended blog posts:
- What’s New in Domino V10: LotusScript Profiling Extended by Paul Withers
Deletion Logs – What’s Coming In V10 by Gabriella Davis
Getting started with the new Domino Query Language (DQL) by Oliver Busse
- Repair of corrupted databases in a Domino 10 cluster (video) by HCL
Domino V10 Deletion Logging explained by Daniel Nashed

During the coming weeks, after the release of Domino 10, numerous blog posts will be written by the Notes Domino community members. If you want to stay informed about Domino 10 keep an eye on the well-known social media channels during the coming period such as the Google+ XPages Community.

So let's get ready for a new chapter, let's get ready for Domino 10. Watch the Livestream
On October 9 at 10:15 CEST, tune in here for the live unveiling of Domino V10 in Frankfurt, Germany. Watch technology leaders unveil the new product and join in the excitement as the Domino community goes deep. See also Find us Here: The World Premiere of Domino V10 for a city near you and be a part of the Domino 10 launch.

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