Friday, 12 October 2018

Domino 10 - Managing Scheduled Mail in MAIL.BOX

In my last blog post, Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature to Push to Notes Clients: Scheduled Messages, I described the new Administrator feature. In this blog post a short description on how the scheduled messages can be managed.

View Scheduled Mail
To view pending scheduled mail open the Administrator Client and select the Tab Messaging. Next open the In the View a clock icon indicates a pending scheduled message.

An Administrator can act on a pending scheduled message. First an Administrator can change the Scheduled Time by opening the scheduled message document and select Edit Message. The Scheduled Date field can be changed.

In case the scheduled message should not be send the Action Button Delete Message can be selected.

Monitoring scheduled mail on the server
The following server console commands are available to monitor scheduled mail

Command Description
tell router list Lists each message in the main message
queue and its state. Now includes Scheduled
as one of the states.
tell router show Includes the following line that shows the
number of scheduled messages waiting to be
sent: Waiting for scheduled send time
show stat
Shows the number of scheduled messages
waiting to be sent, for example: > show stat Mail.WaitingForSchedule
Mail.WaitingForSchedule = 4
1 statistics found
show stat Mail.TotalScheduledReleased Shows the number of scheduled messages
that have been sent since the server was last
started, for example: > show stat Mail.TotalScheduledReleased
Mail.TotalScheduledReleased = 1
1 statistics found
show stat Mail.WaitingNotScheduled Shows the current number of pending
messages excluding scheduled messages
waiting to be sent. > show stat mail.waitingNotScheduled
Mail.WaitingNotScheduled = 0
1 statistics found

Disabling scheduled mail on a server
As I mentioned in my previous blog post scheduled mail is enabled on a Domino 10 Mail server by default. Administrators can use the Configuration Settings document in the Domino directory to disable the new feature and / or disable the feature in the Mail Policy (in the Delivery Options section deselect Yes in the field Allow users to schedule when messages are delivered). When this setting is disabled the Mail server sends a non-delivery report to the sender if it receives a scheduled message.
  • Open the Domino directory. 
  • Select Configuration - Configurations.
  • Select Edit Configuration. 
  • Select Router/SMTP - Restrictions and Controls - Transfer Controls. 
  • In the field Allow users to schedule a delivery time for messages, select Disabled.

In my next blog post more about the new Domino 10 Administrator features.

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