Friday, 12 October 2018

Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature to Push to Notes Clients: Scheduled Messages

In my previous blog post, Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature to Push to Notes Clients: Set Limits for Sending Mail, I described one of the new Administrator features to push to Notes clients in Domino 10. In this blog post I will describe a second new Administrator feature to push to Notes clients, scheduled messages. The new Domino 10 Mail Servers supports scheduled delivery of mail messages. For example a user can compose a new mail message during the weekend and schedule the delevery of the email to be sent during the next work week. Scheduled messages are stored in on the sender's Mail Server. The router delivers or routes the messages at the scheduled time. Scheduled mail is enabled on a Domino 10 Server by default. In the Server Configuration Settings document in the Domino directory it can be disabled by the Administrator.
Scheduled messages are supported for Notes client users with mail files that are upgraded to he Notes 10 Mail Template (mail10.ntf). The feature is not supported for IBM iNotes, , IBM Verse or IBM Traveler clients.
Note: Domino Servers running earlier releases do not recognize scheduled message requests and route the messages immediately. Before enabling scheduled mail for users make sure that any Mail Servers that handle the users scheduled messages runs Domino 10.

Enabling scheduled mail on Notes clients
For enabling scheduled mail on Notes clients use a Mail Settings document assigned to a policy in the Domino directory. The Domino Directory must be upgraded to the Domino 10 pubnames.ntf design. The Notes user mail file must be upgraded to the Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf).
  • Open the Domino Directory
  • Select Configuration - Policies - Settings
  • Select the Mail Settings document and select Edit Settings. 
  • Select Mail - Basics. 
  • In the Delivery Options section select Yes in the field Allow users to schedule when messages are delivered
  • Select Save & Close.
  • Assign the Mail Settings to a Policy.
  • Depeding on the adminP setting it can take up to 12 hours for the feature to take effect on Notes clients. To push the update to clients immediately enter the following command from the serve console: tell adminp p mailpolicy

After the Mail Policy is deployed the delivery option 'Delay delivery until' is available for the users in which a date and time can be selected on which the mail must be sent.

In my next blog post I will describe how to manange scheduled mail in on the Domino Server.

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