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Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature - Automatic Dead Mail Processing

In my previous blog posts I described already some really cool new Administrator features in Domino 10. In this blog post a brief description of the new Domino 10 Administrator feature Automatic Dead Mail Processing. Dead mail occurs when the router can't deliver or transfer a message to the intended recipient or a non-delivery report to the sender. Before Domino 10, if administrators wanted to retry sending dead mail, they had t perform this manually in the Administrator Client. Further dead mail stayed in until an administrator deleted it. Now in Domino 10 administrators can configure the router to automatically retry delivery of dead mail and if unsuccessful delete it from after a specified number of retry attempts.
Remark: In other to enable automatically dead mail processing on the Domino Mail server it is necessary to upgrade the Domino Directory to the Domino 10 template.

If automatically dead mail processing is enabled on the Domino 10 server and the router detects a dead message in the following steps will be performed:
  1. If the allowed number of delivery attempts has been reached the router deletes the dead message and processing ends. If the administrator has set allowed delivery attempts to 0, the dead message is deleted without retrying delivery. 
  2. The router attempts to deliver the original message to the recipient. If successful processing ends. Note: Step 2 is skipped when the intended recipient is from an external domain outside of your company. 
  3. The router attempts to deliver a non-delivery report to the sender. If successful processing ends.
  4. The router waits the specified retry interval then begins with step 1 again.
Configure automatically dead mail processing
Follow the step below o configure automatically dead mail processing on the Domino mail server.
Open the Domino directory. 
Select Configuration - Servers >-Configurations.

Edit the Configurations document associated with the mail server.
Select Router/SMTP  - Advanced - Controls.
In the section Undeliverable Mail select Enabled in the field Automatically process dead mail.

Next in the field Dead mail delivery attempts allowed, enter the number of times to
allow the router to try to deliver dead mail before deleting it. Default value after enabling is 12. Maximum value for this field is 1000. The count is maintained across router and server restarts. If and Administrator enters the value 0 in this field there is no delivery retry attempt and dead mail is deleted immediately.

In the field Time between dead mail delivery attempts enter the number of minutes between delivery attempts. The default value after enabling automatically process dead mail  is 360 (6 hours). The minimum value for this field is 15 and maximum value is 1440 (24 hours).
In case there are mail servers in more than one internet domain within a company administrators can specify each internet domain in the field Internal internet domains tseparated by commas. This field should be blank if there is only one internet domain.
Monitoring dead mail processing
The router logs information about whether dead mail is successfully transferred and when dead messages are deleted. The following show stat commands are available.

Command Description
Show Stat Mail.Dead.RetryCount Number of dead messages retried since server startup. For example, if message 1 was retried once and message 2 was retried hree times, count is 4. 
Show Stat Mail.Dead.DeletedCount Number deleted dead messages since server startup. Dead messages are deleted when Dead mail delivery attempts allowed value has been reached or is set to 0. Deletion also occurs in some error cases, such as when server is unable to determine the address to retry.

For monitoring purposes I changed the DebugRouterDeadMail setting to 3. This setting let administrators view the dead mail processing logging for each attempt. On the Domino console enter: Set config DebugRouterDeadMail=3.

Furthermore there is another setting that affects the processing of Dead Mail messages. In the Configuration document - Router/SMTP - Restrictions and Controls - Transfer Controls there is a setting for the Expired message purge interval. The default value for this setting is 15. So the first attempt for processing the Dead Mail Messages can be delayed up to the value in the field Expired message purge interval in relation to the setting in the field Time between dead mail delivery attempts.

Below the configuration on our server.

For more information see also Managing undeliverable mail in MAIL.BOX. In the next blog post more about some other new very cool administrator features in Domino 10.0. 

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