Monday, 1 October 2018

Enabling the Message Recall Feature for Messages Created with Memo Stationary

After upgrading our Domino server and Notes Clients to Feature Pack 9 we initially upgraded all mail database to the new Feature Pack 9 mail template. After this upgrade a number of new mail features have become available in Notes 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9. In the next blog posts I will briefly describe these new features. New in Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 is the support for recall of messages created with Memo Stationary. When Message Recall is configured on the Domino server messages created using a Memo Stationary can now be recalled. In the old template this resulted in the message 'This message type can not be recalled'. To enable this feature it is necessary to upgrade to the MAIL9.NTF template provided with Feature Pack 9. Below a short description of the configuration we have used for the recall message feature.

First we use the Domino server Configuration document to configure the Message Recall feature in Feature Pack 9. This central location let Domino Administrators easily allow or disallow this feature for all servers. We also use Mail Policy documents to further refine these settings. Be aware that the Mail Policy overrides the settings in the Server Configuration document. For instance if the server allows unread mail to be recalled but the Mail Policy applied to a user allows unread and read mail to be recalled, the Mail Policy applies and both unread mail and read mail can be recalled. This provides very specific control for individual users. Unless Mail Recall is disabled at the server or via a Mail Policy users can also control Message Recall. Under User Preferences - Basics users can select or deselect 'Allow others to recall mail sent to me'. If the user deselects this option the setting causes a notice to be sent back to the recalling user stating that the message cannot be recalled. See the screenshots below for the different settings in the Configuration document, the Mail Policy and the User Preferences.

Requirements for Message Recall using Memo Stationery
  • A Lotus Domino 9 or later server containing the mail to be recalled.
  • A mail file based on the Lotus Notes 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 mail template with which to recall the message.
  • A copy of the mail message in the sender’s mail file. This is usually found in the Sent view but the Message Recall button is also found in the All Documents view.
  • Permission given at the server to perform Message Recall and optionally at the policy and the recipient’s mail-file level where the feature can be turned off.
Based on the new deployed mail template a new mail using a Stationary can now be recalled. After the mail has been sent the Action Button Recall Message can be selected in the View Sent or All Documents (More - Recall Message) to recall the email. After selecting OK a Message Recall Status will be send.

Final remark: Messages can always be printed and forwarded or even have screenshots made of them. Message Recall is not effective in these cases. Message Recall is not guaranteed to get rid of any and all traces of a message. Message Recall is intended to give users the ability to recover from errors made in sending messages.

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