Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Road to Domino 10: MarvelClient Essentials

Yesterday the MarvelClient Essentials has been made available by Panagenda! Some of MarvelClient's functionality is now free to use for any IBM Notes and IBM Domino 9 customer. With MarvelClient Essentials installed in your Domino environment you will receive important insights into the IBM Notes client infrastructure and some tools to make initial optimizations. With the free MarvelClient it is possible to continuously analyze and visualize IBM Notes workspace, client configuration, and operating system details, take stock of your client deployment complexity and inconsistencies, deploy files - such as your Notes 10 upgrade image, run programs, and manage the Windows Registry and provide IT, helpdesk, and management with all necessary details, facts, and figures including identify pitfalls during upgrades such as insufficient resources or non-standard installations. Prepare a more efficient upgrade path, reduce risk and helpdesk tickets. So get ready for Domino 10 and istall the MarvelClient Esstials today like I did. The download contains an installer application that will guide you through the process of setting up MarvelClient Essentials. It also contains links to additional documentation. Beforehand I have signed the PCMInstaller database which becomes available after the download with my own administrator ID. The installation went smoothly without problems. Below the screens during installation.

After the installation the Marvel Client Config and the Marvel Client Analyze databases are available. 

Initially after the installation it is possible to open the Marvel Client Config database and setup the further configuration. During the first setup I only saved the configuration document. The configuration document is also available in the Marvel Client Config database (Administration - Installation) in case you want to completed the configuration document at another time.

Using the mail based installation configuration document you can send an email to (all) users to install the MarvelClient.

Form more information see MarvelClient Essentials: Get it while it’s hot (and free)! including the instruction video.

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