Sunday, 11 November 2018

Domino 10 - New Administration Feature: Document Deletion Logging (2)

As I mentioned in my blog post Domino 10 - New Administration Feature: Document Deletion Logging there is a new server compact option available in Domino 10 to enable logging of data about deleted documents in databases that can be specified. The deletion logging data is logged to entries in deletion log files added to the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory on the Domino Server. In my previous blog post I did not mention the possibility to log (field) items. Administrators can log up to four field values in a deleted document to help identify these documents. The items are specified when Administrators enable deletion logging for a specific database. Although Administrators can specify more than four field values only the first four that are found are shown in the log entries. Below an example enabling deletion logging in a mail database including four items.

The results of enabling deletion logging is that when documents are deleted from a specific database entries are added to the current deletion log file, delete.log. When the server is restarted a new deletion log file is created. Old deletion log files are renamed to delete_<servername>_yyyy_mm_dd@hh_mm_ss.log. As mentioned before the log files are stored in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory. Below some examples from the log file including the logged (field) items.

"20181109T183422,40+01","mail\joldenbu.nsf","C125832B:005DADBF","nserver","CN=Johnny Oldenburger/O=ALM","SOFT","0001","5CED9FCF:EF17A075C1258340:006074A4","Form","4","Memo","Subject","22","Items Deletion Logging","DeliveredDate","19","09-11-2018 18:33:33"
"20181109T183427,71+01","mail\joldenbu.nsf","C125832B:005DADBF","nserver","CN=Johnny Oldenburger/O=ALM","SOFT","0001","54060598:74EB0F79C1258340:00606893","Form","4","Memo","Subject","16","Deletion Logging","DeliveredDate","19","09-11-2018 18:33:02"

Next I will setup the nshDelLog - Domino Deletion Log Annotation and Backup V 0.9.0 database by IBM Champion Daniel Nashed. For more information see the blog post nshDelLog - Domino Deletion Log Annotation and Backup V 0.9.0. In one of my next blog post, I will describe my experience of this database. Thanks for sharing Daniel!

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