Monday, 19 November 2018

Managing and Resolving Replication and Save Conflicts (2) - scanEZ Conflict Solver

For my daily Domino Administrator tasks I have the privileged position to use the Ytria EZ Suite complete. This also applies to resolving the Replication or Save Conflicts that arise in the various Notes database. In this blog post and short description how Replication or Save Conflicts can be solved by using the Conflict Solver in Ytria scanEZ. Ytria scanEZ is a powerful Notes database viewing and editing tool that allows developers and administrators to change database content visually through an intuitive user-interface. Domino Administrators can find and solve specific issues or even make mass modifications all without the need to create agents and views for database changes. Ytria scanEZ is a very powerful tool that saves developers and administrators time while helping them avoid errors.

To resolve Replication or Save conflicts in a Notes database the Domino Administrator can initially open the specific database in scanEZ. By selecting the Conflict Solver Domino Administrators can solve the conflict in the Notes database in a very simple way.

The Conflict Solver allows the Domino Administrator to see all the conflicts in a database. These are all the documents with $Conflict fields and their parent documents. By comparing the values of each document in the table Domino Administrators can then select which field values they want to keep and which field values Administrators want to discard or delete.

With scanEZ valuable information from Replication or Save Conflict documents can be stored in the Main document before the Replication or Save Conflict document is deleted. There is no longer need to manually copy the data from the Replication or Save Conflict document and paste this information into the Main document. With scanEZ Replication or Save Conflicts can be solved quickly and reliably. For more information see the video below and the documentation Getting Started with scanEZ and scanEZ Conflict Solver.

In my next blog post the second part of our own solution for managing and solving Replication or Save Conflict documents in Notes databases.

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