Friday, 16 November 2018

The Best Of The Best - Welcome to the Next Era of Rapid Application Development and Easy Administration

The last period I have looked at the new functionalities in Domino 10 and I am very impressed with what has been realized in IBM Domino 10 and IBM Notes 10. In addition I am currently participating in the Beta program IBM Domino Mobile Applications (IDMA). IDMA is the Notes client that we already know for working with our Notes applications but on and optimized for the iPad. This is also an incredibly great new product. For those who have missed out on all new exiting developments so far below a replay of the Domino 10 demo as presented during the Domino 10 World Premiere.

For more information about the new Administrator features in Domino 10 see my previous blog post series regarding IBM Domino 10.

Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature to Push to Notes Clients: Set Limits for Sending Mail
Domino 10 - Managing Scheduled Mail in MAIL.BOX
Domino 10 - New Administration Feature: Document Deletion Logging
Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature: Dynamic Indexing of High-Usage Views
Domino 10 - New Administrator Feature - Automatic Dead Mail Processing
Domino 10 - Upgrade ODS Notes Client Local Databases
Domino 10 - ID Vault Scanning
Domino 10 - Automatic Archiving of User ID Vault Documents to Restart ID File Synchronization
Domino 10 - Programatically Schedule Mail Using LotusScript
Domino 10 - Synchronize Database Replicas - New Option Replicate Command
Domino 10 - New Administration Feature: Document Deletion Logging (2)

Notes 10 - Default Enabled Notes Client Preferences
Notes 10 - Forward Multiple Messages as EML Attachments

The future of IBM Domino and IBM Notes is great. Very happy to be part of this new IBM Domino and IBM Notes path. So stay tuned! More to come in the next few weeks.

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