Some of my recent XPages Projects.

Project IT Portal including a Webshop
Main objective: create a user friendly IT Portal with an internal IT Shop for users based on XPages.
The IT Portal must be available in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
The final version of IT Portal consists among others of:
An index page with general IT information and a top 10 of the most accessed FAQ's and the last 10 news items of the IT Department.
  • A separate page with IT News filtered by the country of the user.
  • A seperate page with FAQ's.
  • A seperate page with Your IT Resources (user can see what IT resources are registered on their name).
  • A webshop for ordering IT equipment.
  • A seperate page for generating codes for access to the Guest Network.
  • A separate page for users to send problems to the Servicedesk which are then automatically picked up in the ticket system.
  • Connections with an Intranet site, a CMDB database, a SLA database, a Teamroom database and a Photo Gallery database.
  • The IT Portal went live in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Project XPages Digital Suggestion Box
Main objective: Converting existing Digital Suggestion database to XPages including new requested functionalities (Graphs, Faceted Search, Export Viewdata to Excel from Web Interface).

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